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Due to  A lot of stories on each page, viewers may need to click the individual pages and scroll down to find the story you want to read.  Yes, I said read.  It amazes me how many people have forgotten how to read A story  or book or even A news paper these days.

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    There are storys here written by,

Walter Parks (Car man)

Jim Hyatt ( NS Car man)

Tim Gill ( NS Car man)

Louis Gaddis (NS Car man)

Tommy Reese ( NS Car man)

Ed Koski ( UP Car Man)

Wayne Loveless (CN equipment operator )

Walter's stories

Derrick Food

Im A Car Knocker



The Smoking Jacket


How I Got A RR Job



Hey,--You Got A Bug In Your Ear 

The Foreman Knows Best 

A Carman Has To Watch His Back 


My Friend the Bank Robber 


The Tornado

My Disney World Train Ride

John Clark

The Sandwich

The Big Send Off

  1. The Derrick is called (Derrick Stories)

Other's Stories

Jim Hyatt stories:

 Introduction to a Carma

 Homeless Roamer            

Get On Board and Go                

Hobo Carman 

Knowledge and Wisdom 

Tim Gill Stories

The Old Knife

Rock & Roll

louis Gaddis:

The Car Foreman's Hot Dog

The Coffee Maker

Tommy Reese:

The Fire

 Wayne Lovelace:

I am Wayne Lovelace

Where is the Shunt Track

I need A spare tractor

Ed Koski:

The Helper in the cupboard

How to scare Hobo's

Teaching Basu To Drive

How To Get A Reporters Attention

Pulling A Prank On "Spic"

Snow Slides At Rogers Pass

Capture That Aroma

The Lost Coupler

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