About this Web Site

By Walter Parks (AKA The Carknocker)

This page has been created in order to explain a little about what Carknocker.Com is all about, and also perhaps explain a little about me, although some times, I wonder myself.

     This site came on line July 4-2005, and was built by me, a retired Railway Car Man. "Car Knocker" is a slang railroad term for a Railway Car man. On this site when someone is referred to as the Carknocker, it is usually referring to me. Other terms for us was, and is, "Car Peck", "Car Inspector", "Car Toad", "Rail car Repairman", "Rail car Mechanic", and I have been referred to by some angry Conductors as, "that S.O.B. who, Bad Ordered half of my train".

     I guess there were times, when I made a few Conductors and Train masters angry, but when it came to the final say so on what cars were safe to run in a train, I usually had the final say so. While, I am not the only Car Knocker in existence, I do own the Domain name Carknocker.Com, and write the majority of the stories, so rather, than constantly mentioning my own name all the time, I just refer to myself as "The Carknocker".   As you read this page, you may think im just raving, or you may even agree with some of what I say. I personally hope you will at least read it, and I really don't care what people think, as I express my opinions. I am a 59 year old man, who isn't afraid to say what he thinks.

     This Web Site, serves several purposes. Hopefully, it will not only shed some light on what, it is like working for a major railroad, but also entertain you as well. There were other reasons, that I created it. For a long time after, I was injured and became disabled, I was unable to do, much of anything. Sitting at my computer, I decided, to figure out what makes it tick. After thinking about it, I began studying HTML, which is the basic computer code, that all Web Sites on the internet use. I found a Web Site called  HTML Goodies, which was built by a very smart, Collage Professor, named Joe Burns. His whole site is dedicated to teaching computer codes from HTML, all the way up to the newer, and extremely difficult stuff, like ASP, CSS, Javascript, XML, CGI, DHTML, and too many others to mention here. Soon I began to learn enough, that I decided, I wanted to learn how to build a Web Site, from the ground up. There are hundreds of others out there who have learned from this guy. Anyone who wants to learn it, might consider starting here. I study everyday, and my web site has grown at about the same speed as, my still very limited knowledge. So you see, building this Web Site, for me has been a learning tool. I get to write my stories, which I like to do, and learn stuff in the process. I will hopefully be able to build a Web Site about anything, when, my skills get better. If I decide to open an online business, or just a friendly family site, I will be able to say, I did it myself, and whats even better, I did it for free. That's what the Internet should be, Free. Sure it costs me, to register my Domain and to be on the server, that stores my Web Site, but thats expected. One thing that really gets my goat, is all the people out there, who would have you believe, that you need to buy their software program, or hire them to do it, or what ever, but it all boils down to them putting their hands in your pocket book. There are a who lot of folks out there who make their living from us, by making us dependant on them, and they would like nothing better than to convince you, their way is the only way. Then you have the programmers out there who can't stand the fact, that many people figured out a way to bypass them. They even created a world wide consortium, called W3C, who would like nothing better than control the internet. Well they cant yet, but they are getting closer. They keep changing the rules and making it much harder for the average Joe. Of course its all under the pretext that they are just making it better. My opinion is that, they have ulterior motives. ( Dont, believe it, just run a web search and enter W3C, and see what page comes up. ) But the average Joe is the ones who buy all the computers, and keeps the entire industry in business. As soon as they have it where they control what you see or do on the internet, thats when, I will throw mine out in the front yard. If you have the money and dont want to learn how your self, then by all means, do it their way, with my blessings, but you will be doing it because you want to, and not because someone said you must do it that way.

     My Daughter, who is in her third year at Georgia State University, looked over my shoulder a while back at the stuff, I was typing, and said, "Dad do you realize, people go to collage to learn the stuff you are doing." I said well "Duh". It is harder to learn stuff, when your old and set in your ways, but it can be done, and can even be fun. I personally have to go at it a little different than a young person would. When you start spouting a bunch of computer terms at an old person who is already set in their ways, you can see the cloud of confusion come over their eyes, and when that happens, they are lost. So, I learn to associate it with things, I do understand. Our brain waves are already routed, and wired in permanently, so if your like me, just route it through another way. A simple example would be like thinking of copy and paste something as vacuum it up from here and dump it there, LOL. If you don't know what HTML is or looks like, let me be the first to show you here and now. Take your mouse and right click anywhere on this page, except on a picture. Then Click View Source, when the window pops up. The page that pops up is the codes, I have written to make this Web Page. You see, mine are relatively simple. Now if you really want to blow your mind, go right click on an EBAY Page. You can view just about anyone's codes this way, except those who have disabled the right click option, in their codes. I personally wouldn't buy anything from someone, who's hiding what's on their page. After all if they are honest, why do they feel the need to hide it. Update, 1-22-2009 Daughter has Graduated, since, I first wrote this page. She is now out in the Business world.

     I guess, I have about ranted and raved enough on this page for now. I will finish up by saying just a few things more. I hope you enjoy the stories we write, and encourage any who have suggestions or questions, regarding, our stories, or what, I have said about coding, or if you just want to chat, to feel free to EMAIL ME. At Walter@Carknocker.com                The Carknocker

P.S. As of July 2018 This web site is under reconstruction and being created with Godaddy Go Central Web site builder  W.P